Zendaya reveals inspiration behind TommyxZendaya collection

Zendaya reveals inspiration behind TommyxZendaya collection. Singer and actress, Zendaya has revealed that she has re-created designs from her grandfather’s old shirt collection and included them in her shirt designs for her new Tommy Hilfiger collection.

The 22-year-old star of “The Greatest Showman” teamed up with American fashion brand, Tommy Hilfiger as part of their Spring Summer fashion collection that will include shirt designs that are inspired by her granddad’s shirts look.

Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman (AKA) Zendaya, has included her exclusive designs as part of the TommyxZendaya SS19 fashion collection.

Chatting to American women’s online fashion magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, the young actress said : My Grandpa’s work shirts, they’re my most favourite clothes I’ve ever owned. I actually re-created them for the TommyxZendaya collection.”

Tommy Hilfiger put his total trust in the Californian beauty by giving her total creative control over all aspects of her new collection. Zendaya explained: “When I was first presented with the opportunity, I was told that Tommy Hilfiger himself wanted to talk to me about it. And sure enough he was on the phone, explaining how he wanted me to be as creative as I wanted.”

“Tommy told me how I would be able to truly have creative control from concept to clothing, down to the font on the packaging. I was in heaven when I showed up with my inspiration boards and a million ideas, and I was allowed to just go for it, with all the support in the world.”

Zendaya admitted that she called upon the expertise and experience of her own personal stylist Lee Roach for advice and help in putting together her new designs for her Tommy Hilfiger collection.

She concluded : “I really lean on Lee and I partnered with him creatively for this collection. I met him when I was 14, and it’s been just us ever since.”

“He really understands my taste, partly because he helped me develop it. I’ve learned so much about fashion history from him. One year I asked him to find me a bunch of vintage Tommy gear so that I could dress up as Aaliyah for Halloween. Because of the close relationship we have, I know he will always keep it real with me even if it’s hard. You need those kind of people.”


Zendaya reveals inspiration behind TommyxZendaya collection


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