Thinking of Getting a Piercing? Here’s a list of reasons why you should !

Ear CurationIn recent years, piercings have become increasingly popular. Their foundations in self-expression still ring through to this day. Here at Piercer Charlie’s Creations, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why you should get a piercing!

Piercings can often be a discreet and fashionable way to express yourself.

Piercings are for everyone! Whether you align yourself with rebellion, the modern primitive, fashion or you just really love to decorate yourself, we provide a service, accessible to everyone.

Piercings can often help with body image. Often, people who feel insecure about a particular part of their body, get a piercing in that placement. This can often result in a new-found appreciation for a body part you were once shy about. This translates all over the body, whether it be a nostril piercing, an ear piercing or often a gender or sexuality affirming piercing.

A great example of this can be taken from our staff at Piercer Charlie’s Creations, Dublin. Ruby, one of our piercers, expressed discomfort over the fact they felt they had a particularly large nose. Now, they have three nostril piercings and a nasal septum and embrace their uniqueness more than ever. Now, we’re not saying you have to go as hard-core as Ruby, but even a single piercing can aid in overcoming an insecurity.

People come into the shop everyday looking for particular piercings with the phrase “oh no like I know my ear is so weird”. All ears are kinda weird, we as humans are all unique and a lil quirky. We, in our Dublin Piercing Studio, have been trained to see the beauty and potential beauty in all these unique body parts.

Getting a piercing can also be a very spiritual experience. People often get piercings to mark a new beginning. This can be representative of a death of a close one, a breakup or a traumatic event. Taking control over the body by giving it a piercing can be very cathartic. You take control, you decide where you get pierced and when. This run of adrenaline during the piercing process can clear the body of past worries and stress, ready to turn over a new leaf. Of course, this is all symbolic but its still an important factor for many customers.

There’s a huge amount of creativity involved in the piercing process. Our piercers and clients work in tandem to achieve a project together. Piercing can be a collaborative process and it gives our clients a constant reminder of their creativity and strength as a person.

There’s a piercing for everyone! In Piercer Charlie’s Creations we look at what the body needs, so if there’s a piercing that you really want, but you might not have the anatomy, we will always offer a suitable and stunning alternative!

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Piercer Charlie’s Creations is a Dublin Piercing Studio specialising in Ear Curation and dedicated exclusively to Body Piercing. Whether you are looking for something simple, a more advanced Piercing or a complete Ear Makeover, you will be well taken care of.

We offer Ireland’s largest collection of Fine Piercing Jewellery, manufactured out of Solid Gold, Implant Grade Titanium and Implant Grade Steel.

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