Victoria’s Secret doesn’t represent 89% of women

Victoria’s Secret doesn’t represent 89% of women. The Victoria’s Secret Show is a dazzling display of supermodels, celebrities and blinged-out lingerie.

But this year’s event has been once again overshadowed by the exclusion of a single curve or plus-size model – heightened by the company’s Chief Marketing Officer’s (Ed Razek) comments that the annual Victoria’s Secret shows are a “fantasy” and therefore should not include trans or plus-size models.

These inflammatory comments understandably caused a furore and the company’s subsequent apology has done nothing to stop the boycotts.

A survey conducted by size-inclusive fashion company, Simply Be, found that 89% of women don’t feel represented in mainstream media, on runways and on TV.

This shocking statistic raises the questions: is the Victoria’s Secret show still relevant in 2018 and in its 23-year history why have they consistently failed to represent the everyday woman?

The show’s top models are known as ‘Angels’ and they act as spokesmodels for the brand all year round. One of the Angels is chosen to model the Fantasy Bra – a million-dollar bejewelled bra that is seen as the focal point of the show. Those models are seen as the cream of the crop – and there’s no denying that they are beautiful.

However, 50% of the models who have walked the show wearing the Fantasy Bra are a size 6. With a reported average dress size in the UK now at 16, is the fantasy starting to fade? Although the line-up has grown more racially diverse, more needs to be done for the show to meet changing attitudes and calls for a more inclusive message.

On 2nd December the show will be aired to a cumulative audience of up to 1 billion people, making it one of the most-watched fashion shows in the world. But the show was filmed a month ago, so we already know that the show lacks size diversity. What the company does with the 2019 fashion show is expected to draw more attention after this year’s growing criticism.The below infographic looks at the facts and figures behind the show, as well as how the Angels compare to the average woman.


Victoria’s Secret doesn’t represent 89% of women



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