Elle Macpherson explains why being healthy is important

Elle Macpherson explains why being healthy is important. Australian fashion supermodel, Elle Macpherson has opened up about her new line of ingestible plant-based products, and why being healthy is so important.

The 54-year-old model-turned-businesswoman has created a line of plant-based wellness products, which are intended to make people feel good.

The blonde beauty said: “For me, what I have come to terms with is that from my personal experience as a woman, the way I feel has much more importance to me today than the way I look. “And the by-product of that is because I’m well and healthy – and this was really the foundation of WelleCo.”

The fashion beauty noticed a few years ago that she was not looking or feeling her best. And after consulting a nutritional doctor, Elle was put on a plant-based diet including an alkalising green powder, which the model says has turned her life around.

In an interview with CNBC, Elle explained: “I was malnourished and not getting enough sleep. “I was trying to apply the same things that worked at 20 (years old) – and they didn’t work anymore at 50. That’s sort of a no brainer, but it took someone to point it out to me,” “When I was younger, there was definitely a correlation between youth and beauty, but when I turned 50 – and I’m 54 now. “I realised that actually the correlation was wellness and beauty, and that really struck a chord for me.

And that’s how WelleCo all started really.” The business woman teamed up with Andrea Horwood in 2014 to launch the ingestible beauty range, which is designed by nutritional doctor. Elle said: “Wellness has really become my foundation, and the foundation of my business. “The beautiful by-product of this is that I’ve seen a growing correlation between wellness and beauty – particularly as I’ve matured.”

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