Dele Alli fashion range Leo Fortis on the way

Dele Alli fashion range Leo Fortis on the way. Tottenham Hotspur and England soccer star, Dele Alli is set to launch his own fashion range of hats called Leo Fortis and explains the reason for this is that her can never find one’s that fit him.

The 22-year-old football star has always struggled to find headwear that suited him so he’s hoping his new Leo Fortis range which in means ‘brave lion’ will be comfortable for shoppers.

Chatting to the UK version of GQ online, he said: “It was quite a big thing for me. A few years ago I loved wearing hats and it was quite difficult for me to find the hat that I liked because it’s all about the shape for me.

“It has been difficult but I have been fortunate to have a lot of people around me.” I think it was difficult to have a unique design, and just the whole process of and time it takes. “A lot of it was trial and error when making the cap, but the main thing for me was obviously the colours and stuff you can change and vary but the fit is the most important thing when you have a hat.”

The Spurs player also confessed that despite believing style should be individual, retired England star David Beckham is one of his fashion icons.

He said: “I don’t really have many style icons because I sort of think everyone’s style should be unique to themselves but I think you know David Beckham is big in style and is a massive influence in England.

Dele also grimaced over an embracing throwback picture of his younger self in a questionable outfit which went viral a few years ago. When asked about his biggest fashion faux pas, he said: “The picture everyone’s seen of me when I was younger in a yellow Topman cardigan and I can’t even remember what the t-shirt was underneath with some shades on, that wasn’t my best outfit.”


Dele Alli fashion range Leo Fortis on the way


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