Best Highlighter For Your Skin Tone

Best Highlighter For Your Skin Tone. Highlighters are magic. In just a few swipes, it can help you fake a healthy, fresh-faced complexion.

Even if you’re just running on 4 hours of sleep.

As well as injecting your skin with a luminous glow, it’s light-reflecting properties can cover dark circles and spots from late nights.

Applied correctly, it’s the equivalent of standing in selfie-worthy lighting wherever you go.

But no two highlighters are exactly alike, which can make figuring out your perfect shade a bit tricky.

So, to make the selection process easier, here’s some of the best highlighters for your skin tone.


Pale, Fair to Light: Ofra Pillow Talk Highlighter €29.50



When it comes to highlighting pale or fair skin, choose a silver or lilac shade as it will help brighten a dull complexion and give your skin a healthy glow. Ofra’s Pillow Talk highlighter is a soft pearl pink shade for fair skin tones. It has a silky texture and melts into the skin for a beautiful, radiant glow.


Light To Medium: Jouer Rose Gold Powder Highlighter €21.25



With light to medium skin tones, you want to go with peach or rose gold tones. The warmth in them with pick up with warmth in your complexion, creating a glowing effect. Jouer’s Rose Gold highlighter is creamy and buildable and has just the right amount of warmth to it for light and medium skin tones.


Medium To Olive: Too Faced Ray Of Light Prismatic Highlighter £25.00



Avoid anything too silvery or cool-tones as it can make your skin look too slatey. Instead, move more towards warm champagnes and pink-peach shades. This highlighter from Too Faced in Ray of Light is the perfect rose golden shade for medium to olive skin tones.


Olive To Dark: Becca Champagne Pop Skin Perfector £30.00



You’ll want to stick to a warm highlighter otherwise the skin looks grey and dirty. Champagne Pop is flattering for all skin tones and all you need is one swipe for an unparalled level of radiance, it would make the sun jealous.

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