Michelle Keegan reveals the secret to her fashion look

Michelle Keegan reveals the secret to her fashion look. Actress and model, Michelle Keegan has revealed the secret to her great look as she believes it’s important to choose the looks and designs that suit you, opposed to dressing to impress others.

The 31-year old actress says that that when it comes to fashion and her own wardrobe, she concentrates more on how she feels wearing clothes rather than what they look like on to impress others. Michelle also has her own successful fashion line with on-line clothing companies, Littlewoods Ireland and VeryUK

The ex- “Coronation Street” star who married fellow celebrity , Mark Wright back in 215 was chatting to ITV’s ‘This Morning’ last Wednesday 23rd January 2019 with the Cheshire brunette revealing that her wardrobe is “comfortable” and “minimalistic”.

Michelle said: “My top style tip would be to wear something that you can feel completely comfortable in. Over the years I’ve gone more minimalistic, more simple with outfits and I’m dressing for me now rather than what people think.”

“My style go-to outfit would definitely be a t-shirt, a pair of jeans, a leather jacket and a nice pair of trainers but my biggest fashion fail would be on the red carpet for the NTA’s in 2011 [National Television Award’s], I wore a burgundy gown, and one, it didn’t suit my figure and I don’t think it suited my skin tone and I wore far too much make-up.”

“If I were to swap wardrobes with someone it would definitely be Jessica Alba, just because I love her day-to-day go-to outfits, she always looks really cool, really stylish, and effortless.”

The “Tina and Bobby” actress also paid credit to her mother, Jacqueline for sharing her own beauty tips with her daughter. Michelle went on to say: “I find it really important to look after my skin because a lot of the time I’m on camera and I don’t feel confident if my skin is looking the best it can be, so I try and look after my skin as best I can. ”

“The best advice my mum ever gave me was to always take your make-up off before going to bed and I live by that rule, actually I do it all the time, even if I go out on a night out I will still take my make-up off before I go to bed. With my skin I normally cleanse, tone and moisturise every morning and every night I probably do a face mask or a face peel every few weeks or couple of weeks I’d say.”


Michelle Keegan reveals the secret to her fashion look


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