Jessica Alba reveals her detox diet

Jessica Alba reveals her detox diet. American actress, Jessica Alba has revealed the secret to her detox plan on the run up to Christmas.

The “Love Guru” actress says that she has removed all dairy, gluten and alcohol from her diet in order to restore balance to her body.

The 37-year old Californian beauty has revealed that she turned to top nutritionist and founder of the #FeelGoodMovement, Kimberly Snyder for inspiration.

Posting on her Instagram Story account, Alba said: “2 days into @kimberlysnyder Custom cleanse -and I’m feeling pretty ok … This cleansing soup is next level (awesome). I needed a bit of a detox/reset before Xmas (sic)”

The mother of three is sticking to her strict diet that requires her to disregard all dairy, gluten and alcohol from her diet. Jessica first graced our television and movie screens at the age 13 making her debut in “Camp Nowhere” and “The Secret World of Alex Mack” back in 1994.

The ‘Sin City’ actress starts each day with a “green smoothie” for her breakfast and then at lunchtime has a “protein smoothie” with her then turning to “yummy veggie soup” as part of her dinner meal. She also drinks “green juice” between meals to keep her body hydrated and energised throughout the day!

She also believes that sticking to health diets is not easy and in the past she has found it difficult to stick with it. She said: “My challenge is, I’ve never been able to stick to a cleanse. If I last 5 days -w (with) slight modifications, I feel pretty good about that. Just being realistic.”


Jessica Alba reveals her detox diet



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