Kylie Jenner poses in nude Halloween costume

Kylie Jenner poses in nude Halloween costume. Reality TV star, Kylie Jenner teamed up with her daughter, Stormi to pose for Halloween pics that she shared to her fans on Instagram and wow does she look great.

While her sis , Kim Kardashian was slated by fans late last week for using her daughter, Chicago to promote her new Flashing Lights Make-Up for her KKW Beauty range, Kylie seemed to receive a more positive reaction from fans as she joined the spirt of Halloween and happily posed with her own daughter Stormi for the October spooky event.

The 21-year old entrepreneur posted the latest photos of herself wearing a nude latex bodysuit, matching high heels and an enormous pair of wings. In a cute addition she twinned with her daughter Stormi, just 8 months old as she donned a cute matching pink costume alongside her mother.

The strange thing about Kylie deciding to pose as a butterfly is that she is actually terrified of them, but decided to do it for the spirit of Halloween.

However, as is often the case with the Keeping Up with the Kardashian siblings, her butterfly costume has a hidden message too. Fans of Jenner have long speculated that Stormi was named after the Butterfly Effect, based on the idea that an insect flapping its wings can cause a storm anywhere in the world. Also, Butterfly Effect is also the name of one of Stormi’s dad, Travis Scott’s songs. Still, it’s a cute pic and done in the name of fun!


Kylie Jenner poses in nude Halloween costume



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