Cosmopolitan go Virtual with Try-On’ Makeup

Cosmopolitan go Virtual with Try-On’ Makeup. International fashion magazine, Cosmopolitan are set to revolutionise the way their readers engage with make-up where for the first time they will be able to “try before they buy” with the release of their new virtual Try-On Make-Up app.

From this October, the fashion magazine in partnership with leading US fashion department store, Macy’s, will launch their iPhone app that will allow readers and potential customers the opportunity to see picture products on themselves to see if it suits their look before purchase.

This clever and inventive idea really brings Cosmopolitan into the new age of tech. If customers like the look of their chosen make-up, they can click through to buy the products online at Macy’s. OK, It’s not the same as actually trying on your favourite cosmetics in real life, but seems to act more as a guide for those busy people on the go.

According to online fashion magazine,, in a recent survey by Cosmopolitan to their readers, they found 73% of readers surveyed actually liked the opportunity of being able to try on selected make-up pictured products virtually.

It also claims that the average Millennial is expected to take around 25,000 selfies in their lifetime which breaks down to approximately 4 selfies a week.

With people already engaging in selfies, the company feel that this new, try before you buy look will be a huge hit with cosmetic fans as it will allow them to see what the products look like before purchase to ensure it suits their own style and look.

From the launch, customers will only be able to get one specific beauty look, but Cosmopolitan hope to expand on this as demand and use of the app grows. With print sales of all fashion magazines on the decline because of an increase in digital media usage, Cosmopolitan are hoping that this new idea will be a hit with customers and help the magazine to maintain their position as one of the leading and recognised fashion magazines of today.

Donna Lagani, who’s been publisher of Cosmopolitan for over 2 decades believes that the new “try-on” concept is part of a continuation of Cosmopolitan’s efforts to get more techie and mobile-friendly, not least because its core readership is younger Millennials, between 18 and 34 years of age.

It’s an exciting concept by Cosmopolitan, who hope to roll this idea out globally as the app develops. The US version of the October edition of Cosmopolitan magazine sees singer, Christina Aguilera on the cover.


Cosmopolitan go Virtual with Try-On’ Makeup


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