Latest fashion Horn ring dress and shoes from Topshop

Latest fashion Horn ring dress and shoes from Topshop. If you are looking to step up your fashion look this season and want to make that smart fashion statement to your friends, then you need to check out this Horn ring dress and Genna shoes from online fashion retailer, Topshop.

This short length mini polyester dress is designed with a midriff horn ring that gathers the dress above the waist line that allows you to adjust to your own fitting.

It’s long-sleeve design adds to its great overall look that is suitable for great smart casual day or evening wear. Available in EU sizes 32 to 46, this great dress look can be perfectly completed with these stylish Genna black court shoes that come with leather uppers, block heel and squared toe finish and are also available from Topshop.

Whether you decide to wear this for office attire or simply pleasure fashion wear when out with friends, both this combination of this sleek ring Horn mini dress and Genna black court shoes will certainly compliment your overall fashion look for day or night fun.

If you are looking to add to your wardrobe line-up this fashion season then it’s worth checking out this set from on-line fashion retailer, Topshop. Looking good is feeling confident and here are the prefect dress and shoes to help you achieve this.


Latest fashion Horn ring dress and shoes from Topshop




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