Men’s Designer Shirts from Pretty Green & Timberland

Men’s Designer Shirts from Pretty Green & Timberland. They say that every girl is crazy about a sharp dressed man and a good, well designed shirt can really enhance a guys look. The good thing about a nice shirt is that it can be used for either dress me up or down fashion days.

Whether paired with your fav jeans or trousers, a nice shirt can make any guy look great. The problem is that today they come in some many different design and colours so making the right choice can be nearly as daunting as actually buying the shirt itself.

To try and help you guys with this, we have picked out 2 great looking designer shirts that are great for either the daytime casual look or evening or work wear. The first shirt we look at is this cool looking Gingham shirt from Oasis front man, Liam Gallagher’s fashion label Pretty Green priced at only €31.20.

The second is another fab piece of fashion apparel and it comes from Timberland with their Gingham shirt costing €45.00.

You have to admit they are both great looking shirts and will make any guy not only look great but feel it too! The fact that both shirts each cost under €50 means you get designer brands at great prices.



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