Latest Fashion Roll neck and Trousers from Pretty Green

Latest Fashion Roll neck and trousers from Pretty Green. It’s a teaser for men sometime to not only find  that perfect outfit that fits in with their casual look, but feels comfy and smart as well!

Most guys hate the thought of mixing and matching their clothing line-up that will help them fit in with the modern fashion styles of the day.

Well, for any of you men who have this dilemma then you need to check out the latest offering from Oasis front man, Liam Gallagher’s fashion label, Pretty Green.

This woollen mix roll neck top is a classic slim fit design and feels soft on the skin, offering great comfort to the wearer. It’s design includes a cool mix of grey and white vertical stripes to the front with a plain back.

Pair this with these black cotton twill slim fit trousers that come with 5 pockets and zip and button fastening and you have that smart casual outfit fit for any gathering with friends or family.

This is classic styling and will appeal to any guy looking for something different while at the same time staying in touch with the fashion looks of the day.

If you are looking to switch up your fashion look this season, then check out both this roll neck top and trousers from Pretty Green. Cool designs for the guy who knows his fashion.


Latest Fashion Roll neck and trousers from Pretty Green





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