Shay Mitchell reveals why she is obsessed with skincare

Shay Mitchell reveals why she is obsessed with skincare. Canadian actress, Shay Mitchell reveals that she is a s a “skincare junkie“, and says she’s been playing around with make-up since she was four years old.

The 31-year-old “Pretty Little Liars” beauty revealed her coveted skincare secrets in an episode of ‘Little Black Book’ for Harper’s Bazaar US, and confessed how she achieves her flawless, glowing complexion.

Chatting to the on-line mag she said: “Skincare, I am a skincare junkie. I’ve been playing with makeup since I was four-years-old and actually started my YouTube channel about four years ago.

“So with makeup and all the different trends you have to really take care of your skin because that sets the tone for everything else. “Along the way from constantly working and travelling, your skin goes through a lot of ups and downs so for me the most important thing is finding good products that work well for your skin and people that can help you maintain that great skin journey.”

She also admitted she regularly makes facial appointments with A-List aesthetician, Shani Darden, and said that she has helped “transform her skin from how it was”.

Shay added: “So first up would be Shani, she is honestly a skin goddess. “My skin went through a phase, it was really, really bad. It didn’t matter how much makeup you applied onto it, you could see it very obviously. “Shani knew my concerns and honestly transformed my skin from what it was before.”

The ‘You’ star previously admitted she used to alter her appearance when she was younger to look more like her classmates, but these days she’s learned to work with her natural look.

She said: “When I was in high school, all my friends were blond with blue eyes, so to be more like them, I would dye my hair lighter, straighten it, wear contacts, and stay out of the sun so I wouldn’t get any darker. “Now, everything I do beauty-wise is to enhance what I was born with. So this is what I will say to younger girls: Being unique is beautiful — celebrate that. Be you, don’t try to change.”


Shay Mitchell reveals why she is obsessed with skincare



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