How Hailey Baldwin maintains her beauty look

How Hailey Baldwin maintains her beauty look. Model, Hailey Baldwin has revealed that “napping and watching movies” is her way of pampering herself.

The 21-year-beauty who has recently partnered up with cosmetic company, bareMinerals says doesn’t bother visiting spas if she wants a well-earned break and instead she will pop on a face mask at home and have a little snooze and “watch movies” to recharge and replenish her skin.

Chatting to Fashion magazine, Vogue UK, Hailey said: “[On a daily basis] I actually do super minimal makeup. Like just a little bit of concealer, a little bit of powder, blush, highlight, mascara. I really like the bareMinerals, BarePro Glow Highlighters because I love looking fresh, dewy and glowy.

Usually I just add a red lip if I’m trying to be a little more-fancy. bareMinerals have a good one called Statement Matte Liquid Lipcolour.

BareMinerals is a brand that’s really easy for me to get behind. I love their products, I love what they represent and what they stand for. I never sleep with makeup on, ever. I can’t do it.

So at night it’s make-up wipes, face wash, a serum of some sort and I like doing masks from time to time. Like yesterday, I used the bareMinerals, Double Duty Claymates Mask Duo.

I don’t like to travel with make-up on either. I don’t mask on the plane, but I do put on lots of moisturiser on the plane. And drink a lot of water. “Honestly, for me pampering myself is napping.

And watching movies. But I like doing a spa sometimes, like a little spa day. I don’t go anywhere particular. I think you can do that at home, like get in a bath, put a mask on…”

Hailey who is engaged to singer, Justin Bieber is one of the rising stars of the fashion world and admits the power of “social media” really helped kick-start her career because of its ability to help her “connect” with people all over the world.

Hailey continued: “Everything is so different now and honestly the way that [those with similar careers] did it before was a lot more impressive because they didn’t have this extra tool of social media to be able to connect with people and gain fans.

“I think the way it’s helped is that it’s a really, really big platform and it’s so easy to access and to share information and let people in on your life and career. Obviously social media is also a really tricky thing and it’s really difficult sometimes to handle. But I think it’s played a big role in my career, for sure.”


How Hailey Baldwin maintains her beauty look


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