5 Of The Best Primers That Actually Work

5 Of The Best Primers That Actually Work. It’s one of those questions that keeps coming up in the beauty community. Do primers actually make a difference.

To be honest, I was always one of those people who felt primers were a waste of time. I would rather spend my money on skincare or a good foundation, because for all their claims – like make foundation go on smooth and last all day – few primers actually give results.

But, within the mountain of options out there when it comes to primers, there are some that do something.

So, whether you want to minimise your pores, or cover up redness, or just want a radiant glow, I’ve rounded up some of the best primers out there that actually work.


Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer €20.40



If you’re into having the most glowy, radiant makeup of your life, this primer is worth the investment. A little goes a long way, and no matter what foundation you use on top, it always goes on smooth. It’s never left my skin oily (well, no more oily than usual) or broken out, and my makeup stays on all day.


Urban Decay Urban Defence Complexion Primer €27.95




If you like to keep your beauty routine simple and don’t want to spend time finding another product that matches your skin tone, this primer is perfect for you. It adjusts to your skin tone, has a smooth, velvet texture and a little goes a long way. You can wear it under foundation for a smoother application or wear it on its own to look your face has been altered with a couple of Insta filters.


Benefit Porefessional Primer €34.00



This is one of the best primers for hiding the appearance of pores and fine lines. It smoothes over pores for a flawless base for foundation or powder. It blends easily into the skin and it helps keep your makeup on all day. You only need a little dab so, although it’s a little pricey, it will last you ages.


Laura Mercier Foundation Primer €41.00



If you want a beautiful glow that lights up your face, this one from Laura Mercier is perfect. It’s lightweight and adds moisture, so your skin is soft and supple. You can wear it on it’s own as a moisturiser or under makeup for a radiant and healthy looking glow. You only need a little bit so the tube will last you ages.


MAKE UP FOR EVER STEP 1 Skin Equalizer Redness Correcting Primer €31.20



The Skin Equalizer line has formula for every skin concern: smoothing, hydrating, nourishing and redness correcting. A few drops of this primer will neutralise any flush you have on your skin without making you look dull. It’s not heavy, slippery or over-mattifying, so layers like a dream under makeup. Definitely worth every penny.


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