Best False Lashes for Beginners

Best False Lashes for Beginners. If you love the look of fuller lashes and are ready to try falsies for the first time, it can be a struggle to know which ones are right for you. There are so many types out there and it’s important to know what to look out for.

For example, do you want synthetic or natural lashes? Since they are not made from hair, synthetic lashes can give you a more babydoll, heavier look. But if thick lashes aren’t your thing, natural hair ones can give you a subtle look that is easy to blend into your natural lashes.

You also need to think about what adhesive you want to use. Magnetic? or Glue-adhesive lashes?

If these decisions seems daunting and you don’t know where to begin, don’t worry. I’ve put together some false lashes that are perfect for beginners.


Ardell Deluxe Pack – Wispies €12.95



This lash kit comes with everything you’ll need to create your lash look in one fell swoop. You won’t need to search for glue or tweezers. Simply pop open the kit, apply some of the bestselling Duo glue onto the lashes of your choice and pop them on using the tweezer end of the lash applicator before using the sponge end to press them into place.


Ardell Demi Wispies €7.79



If you’re looking for lashes that look and feel like your own, then this pair is for you. They are perfect for those of you who want to give your natural lashes a bit more volume and the great thing about Ardell’s lashes is that they are very easy to apply, making them perfect for beginners.


Huda Beauty Giselle Lashes £12.50



One of Huda’s bestselling lashes, her Giselle lashes give you volume and are loved by celebrities everywhere. They can be used up to 12 times and are light enough to wear everyday.


Eylure Accent Lashes No. 005 €6.50



These are perfect for when you want to elevate your lash game but don’t want to be too obvious about it. They are great for those of you who have a hard time putting on lashes and are perfect to wear both day and night. You can also reuse them multiple times.


Eylure Starter Kit No. 101 €7.45



Ideal for beginners, this starter kit from Eylure comes with a selection of tools for precise application. Just like the Ardell kit, this one comes with lash glue and a lash applicator. It comes with a practice lash and they are very easy to put on.

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