Why Karlie Kloss loves Swarovski


Why Karlie Kloss loves Swarovski. Model, Karlie Kloss shares the sentiment behind her becoming a Swarovski ambassador.

The 25-year-old model partnered with the luxury crystal brand in 2016 in order to connect with a younger generation of consumer, and the blonde bombshell says the brand’s pieces have a special place in her heart because it reminds her of childhood when she would receive “special” pieces from her grandmother on celebration occasions.

She explained: “There was a Swarovski in the mall where I grew up and my grandmother would always buy my sisters and I a special piece for a birthday or a holiday, so I have a number of pieces that are really, really sentimental.”

Although the Victoria’s Secret catwalk regular has her pick of top designer brands when it comes to accessories, the Vogue model says her favourite pieces of jewellery to wear are the sentimental ones gifted to her by her grandmother, and her mother Tracy Kloss.

The model told People magazine: “My grandma gave me a ballet shoe when I was like 8 years old, it’s a charm on a necklace. “My mom bought this ring in a market in Italy when she was a student traveling abroad and it was like the first thing she ever really bought for herself and it’s not valuable whatsoever but very sentimental, and she gave it to me.” And Karlie was recently announced as the global beauty brand ambassador for Estée Lauder – following in the steps of Kendall Jenner and Elizabeth Hurley – a role she dreamt of landing since she was a young girl.

She gushed: “My entire career, having a beauty contract has been at the top of my bucket list, when I was on an airplane commuting between my life as a high school student in St. Louis and my parallel life as a fashion model in NYC, I would journal about my dreams. I have to find that journal that says, ‘Bucket List: Estée Lauder beauty contract.’ It’s surreal, and I’m really grateful and excited.”

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