Why Jenna Dewan likes simple hair products

Why Jenna Dewan likes simple hair products. American actress, Jenna Dewan doesn’t like to spend too much time on her hair and likes products that she can use for a messy, textured look on the go.

The 37-year-old actress and dancer recently chopped her dark brunette locks into a short bob and when she’s not preparing for a glamorous event, she likes to use a range of products from celebrity hair stylist Jen Atkin- who is the Kardashian / Jenner sister’s most trusted stylist and works with them on a regular basis – to give her hair lots of texture for her everyday look.

In a video on her YouTube channel, she said: “I have about five to six main products that I use on a daily basis and for me it’s all about keeping it really simple, I don’t spend a lot of time on my hair so I have to have a haircut and products that I can literally put in my hair, scrunch and use and go. ”

And then, my friend Jen Atkin, has a line (called) Ouai and I love her wave spray, this is the travel size and I travel with this all the time and I use this when my hair’s still damp and it gives it this real good texture and you can scrunch it so it starts brining out your natural wave.”

And the busy mother – who has daughter Everly, four, with estranged husband Channing Tatum – doesn’t have time in her day-to-day schedule to spend ages on her hair, so she opts for products which she can leave in to give her hair a “real quick” and effortless style.

She said: “And then I wait, because I’m a mum there’s no real time to actually do my hair so when I do I put in all these products and then I let it dry. It has to be real quick and easy for me because this is about as much time as I get every day, in life, ever.”

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