United Nations Alliance to launch Sustainable Fashion

United Nations Alliance to launch Sustainable Fashion. It’s been years in the making after multiple efforts by various groups, but finally the United Nations Alliance now plan to highlight the needs and benefits of sustainable fashion with the launch of their first ever event to focus on sustainable fashion due to take place on the 14th March 2019 at their 4th U.N. Environment Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya.

The UN have decided to take a more comprehensive approach to address all matters relating to sustainable fashion and make consumers more aware of the benefits to the environment that they are hoping will educate manufacturers and their customers to adjust their habits towards sustainable fashion.

The Alliance on Sustainable Fashion consists of a network of organisations that include the U.N. and specialised agencies that are made up of Ethical Fashion Initiative-International Trade Centre, Connect4Climate-The World Bank Group, FAO, Climate Change (UNFCCC), U.N. Global Compact, ILO, U.N. UNECE, U.N. Environment and the U.N. Office.

Co-secretary of the new alliance, Michael Stanley-Jones confirmed that their objective is to “co-ordinate the U.N. system’s response to the challenges that the textiles, fashion and accessories sectors face in achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,”

Chatting to on-line fashion news magazine, WWD, he said:“Fashion is cross-cutting, so to capture the opportunity that fashion presents, the U.N. and its partners need an integrated approach that cuts across individual Sustainable Development Goals to realise the multiple benefits offered by the 2030 Agenda.”

“Fashion demands a comprehensive, integrated approach. One that stretches our understanding of joint action by producers, consumers and governments. Fashion is sustainable development’s greatest challenge and its greatest opportunity.”

Michael Stanley-Jones concluded “Everyone wears clothes, everyone wants to look and feel good, and everyone wants a healthy environment in which they and future generations can thrive.”

“The U.N. Alliance on Sustainable Fashion is committed to making this a future that leaves no one behind. Environment body “Fashion4Development” who have spent over nine years working for change will be part of the launch this March and will use their expertise and knowledge to develop this alliance between all the groups involved to make this project an on-going success.

With Ireland already embracing our approach to sustainable clothing, one company “Grown” already manufacture environmentally friendly clothing where money from the sale of their products not only is donated to the charity “1% For the Planet”, but they also plant one indigenous Irish tree in Ireland making them one of the leaders in sustainable fashion clothing in Ireland today.


United Nations Alliance to launch Sustainable Fashion



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