Tess Holliday responds to Piers Morgan’s body-shaming comments

Tess Holliday responds to Piers Morgan’s body-shaming comments. Tess Holliday is not entertaining any of Piers Morgan’s body-shaming antics.

Earlier this week, Piers retweeted a story about a picture of Tess in lingerie that she recently posted on Instagram.

He wrote: “This is very sad. She badly needs better friends, who are going to be more honest with her & explain she is dangerously overweight & should do something about it.”

But the 33-year-old model was quick to shut him down, retweeting his own comment and adding: “The last 2 weeks you’ve been obsessed with me. Makes me feel like you’re almost into thicker girls & too afraid to admit it.”

But, while most people would sit back and not make any further comments, Pier couldn’t help himself.

He then posted a horrendous letter, feigning concern about the model’s health.

Oh, and clarified that he is not ‘obsessed’. Just ‘worried’.

And he didn’t stop there.

Dismissing her recent Cosmopolitan cover as an example as body positivity, Piers continued to tell Tess to ‘stop pretending your body is radiating some great ‘positive to the world’.

“Tess, the most inspirational thing you could do right now is start to LOSE weight, not put even more on,” Morgan wrote. “Imagine what a powerful message it would send to the millions of other Americans with morbid obesity.”

But Tess, being the queen that she is, responded to Piers’ attempt at body-shaming on Good Morning America.

“Unlike Piers Morgan, I don’t need to troll people to stay relevant. I get to have an awesome job and do what I love and hopefully change people’s lives.”

Tess Holliday responds to Piers Morgan’s body-shaming comments


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