Emily Ratajkowski’s hack to wearing see through clothing

Emily Ratajkowski’s hack to wearing see through clothing. Black clothing is both reliably sexy and versatile. You can wear a LBD almost anywhere, and it’s the perfect outfit to make you look and feel great.

But key to feeling great is knowing that no one can see through your dress, straight to your underwear – unless you want them to.

There are countless people out there trying to figure out if their clothes are to sheer by contorting themselves in front of the mirror, standing in the brightest light you can find or asking everyone in sight to weigh in on the opacity of your fabric.

Well know thanks to model Emily Ratajkowski, we’ve found an easier way.

Attending the Emmy’s afterparty, she stepped out wearing a figure hugging, of-the-shoulder black dress and, naturally, posted a pic to her Insta.

And she revealed her how-sheer-are-my-clothes hack in the caption: “Real friends take flash pics to see how sheer your dress is before you leave the house”

Emily was flooded with comments from her 19.6m followers who were loving her look and appreciated her fashion advice.

One user wrote: “How you manage to make the most simple photos so lovely and personal is beyond me, but keep doing it. You’re inspiring models, photographers, and generally the whole industry over.”

Another said: “Another said: “Thank you! This is actually so helpful!”

The trick is so easy, we can’t believe we never thought of it ourselves. The blinding flash from your phone is more dependable than the brightest source of light in your house, plus you can point the camera wherever you want.

No more twisting around, bending over or contorting necessary.

Thanks, EmRata.

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