Alexa Chung & Net-a-Porter new festive fashion collection

Alexa Chung and Net-a-Porter new festive fashion collection. British Fashion designer and model, Alexa Chung has just released a festive themed eleven piece fashion capsule clothing collection and accessories, exclusively for on-line fashion retailer, Net-a-Porter.

The talented 35-year-old model-and-designer has released a festive themed eleven piece range of clothing and accessories exclusively for the luxury online retailer, which she believes will cater for festive fashion fans.

Her collection features lavish evening gowns, an adorable day dress emblazoned with strawberries complete with bell sleeves, a luxe velvet tuxedo jacket, beanies, scarves and chunky cable knit jumpers.

The  UK fashion designer launched her eponymous label last year and has admitted that although the first year of running her own line was “joyful and fun” the brunette beauty still had a lot to learn about running her own company.

She previously said: “The first year of running the business has been joyful and fun but also the whole thing has been a steep learning curve. “Just in learning how to delegate and learning how to be creative under pressure and the fine line you have to tread when you’re trying to marry art and commerce.”

Alexa acknowledges that there are potential pitfalls attached when you launch a brand in your own name, however, thinks she’s “fared quite well” and is continuing to improve.

She said: “I think we fared quite well, I suppose the difficulty of starting a brand and calling it your own name is there will be no rest by worrying about how it is perceived, the ramifications, the stakes are higher because if they hate my brand they hate me.

So if they love my brand, then they love me blah blah blah!” “I’m getting better at giving honest feedback, at the beginning, I was just like, ‘Oh my god they’re gonna hate me if I say this.’ “But now I think they won’t because we all want the best for the brand. So it’s about making the nicest clothes we can.”


Alexa Chung & Net-a-Porter new festive fashion collection


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