Addidas Launches Game of Thrones Shoes

Are you a fan of the Stark’s, Lanisters or Targaryens?

Who will sit on the Iron Throne once the final season is over?

Now you can show which house you support with your feet.

Just ahead of the Games of Thrones eighth and last season, which is starting April 15th on Sky Atlantic, the new collection of six limited-edition Addidas Ultraboost runners has been influenced by the locations and characters of Westeros.

Adidas revealed yesterday the release of a brand-new Ultraboost collection, this time in partnership with the extremely popular HBO tv series Game of Thrones.

The shoes feature the sigil of the main houses including House Stark, House Lannister, House Targaryen along with the Nights Watch and White Walkers.

These Addidas runners also feature the Game of Thrones  House slogan (Winter is coming anyone?) on the heel tag and the Sygil on the tongue, with each house or group of characters inspiring the colour of the runners.

In addition to the unique design details, each shoe also includes high-performance innovation and fabrics.

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