Fashion review Obsession Twist Mini Dress from Topshop

Fashion review Obsession Twist Mini Dress from Topshop. Are you looking for a dress with a bit of twist this season that has a bit of excitement to you to brighten up your fashion day and look?

Well our chosen Dress of the day for today is this new in stock, Obsession Twist Mini Dress from fashion online retailer, Topshop. This beautiful dress has that vibrant look at it and is perfect for daytime or evening wear so you are guaranteed to get the best use from it.

This long sleeved beauty comes with an above the knee finish line and low cut neck line finish. It’s all-over black shaped print is embedded onto the white background of the white dress giving it a slight hint of a monochrome look.

It’s material is 100% viscose so it’s a durable dress that offers comfort and is not too resistant to the moves and shakes of your body.

The other good news is that it’s a low maintenance fashion number as it’s machine washable which gives it that wash and go factor which is always good for any dress today.

So you are thinking, now I have the dress that’s for me, what do I pair with it. Given it’s perfect colour and design it will go perfect with most plain footwear colours but be careful not to take attention away to beautiful design of this dress as that just won’t do.

Given its deep neckline finish, it’s also a great opportunity to don your favourite neck chain but again go easy when accessorising as most time, less is more and it’s yourself wearing the dress you really want to show off.

Because it’s a new line from Topshop, you can be first to the party or gathering with friends in this great twist dress from Topshop. A dress to enjoy!

Fashion review Obsession Twist Mini Dress from Topshop


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