Latest fashion: Mantaray Floral Dress from Debenhams

Latest fashion: Mantaray Floral Dress from Debenhams. Looking to switch up or increase your floral print collection this fashion season? Well you can with the latest in floral prints as our Dress of the day for today is the latest in floral dress design with this Mantaray Grey Floral Print Cotton Dress from online fashion retailer, Debenhams.

It’s a cotton classic floral piece of fashion that looks great for any smart-casual get together with friends or colleagues. It’s cotton material allows for sheer comfort on the skin and it’s three quarter length sleeves couples well with its knee line finish that really adds to the feminine look of this dress.

To complete this fab dress, it’s notch neckline includes four button detailing. Available in UK sizes 8 to 26, this floral dress is a must for your you floral lovers this fashion season. Being machine washable means it’s cost effective fashion as well, so no high maintenance trips to the dry-cleaners which adds great extra savings for the upkeep of this fab little number.

All depending on the audience and occasion, you will have so much fun pairing this dress with your favourite boots and jacket. It’s a fun filled dress for a fun filled you and whether you are chilling with your besties to that smart casual night out with friends, this dress and it’s floral print design radiates beauty to one who appreciates fashion.

If you are on the hunt for a chic little floral print this fashion season and love the latest in ladies fashion wear, then do check out this Mantaray Grey Floral Print Cotton Dress from on-line fashion retailer, Debenhams. We like this dress a lot and are giving it a 4 out of 5 Star rating. If the dress is fun then it’s up to you to provide the entertainment!


Latest fashion: Mantaray Floral Dress from Debenhams


4 Star Rating


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