Fashion review wrap button dress from next

Fashion review wrap button dress from next. The daytime dress is one fashion item us women look for the most. Unlike occasion dresses that we only ever get to wear to parties or important functions, the daytime dress need to fulfil all our daily routine needs.

It must be practical that will enable us to go about out day to day duties whether that be at work or meeting with friends but it also needs to look and feel good be in line with the latest fashions of the day without quickly being outdated.

Whatever dress we wear, we have to feel that it’s part of us and represents who we are and our own style. To take any dilemma you may have in getting the dress for you, we have chosen a sexy yet practical dress for you to look at as part of our Dress of the day.

We want you to check out this wrap button dress from online fashion retailer, Next that is new in so it ensures you are getting the latest in their own dress wear.

This wrap dress is a real cutie and it’s black spot design is complimented with a four button front that breaks the flow of the dress to give it that extra special stylish look.

Given its sleeveless, V-neck design and above the knee finish, this snazzy yet moderate dress allows for a little bit of accessorising with your favourite watch, chain or bangle. However, please keep it to a minimum as not to take away from it’s fun design.

It comes in sizes from 6-22 so it caters for all shapes and sizes. We also love this little number because it’s a machine washable dress that makes it cost effective fashion.

This will look great paired with your favourite flats so you can enjoy this dress in comfort. If you are looking to add to your dress collection this season and are working on a low fashion budget, then this dress is for you. It’s new fun and exciting and only costs €25.00. What a bargain!

Fashion review wrap button dress from next


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