Dress review Teen Ribbed Midi Dress from Boohoo

Dress review Teen Ribbed Midi Dress from Boohoo. When it comes to the fashion styles and designs of today we really are spoilt for choice. The dress is and will probably remain as one of the most important parts of any girls wardrobe for years  to come.

It represents true femininity that makes us all feel special. So, here comes the problem. When it comes to teen fashion, there are so many different dress styles and colours to choose from especially when on the lookout for the latest fashion looks.

Here’s where we step in. We have found this beautiful, modern day High Neck Short Sleeve Ribbed Midi Dress from on-line fashion retailer, Boohoo that will suit most girls fashion tastes.

It comes in an array of different colours that includes the classic black look as well as Nude, Olive and brick. It’s a durable number as well. Being 95% its designed for the rigmarole of daily wear and tear as well comfort.

Its design include its high round ribbed collar and short sleeves which are complimented with its knee line hem finish. Perfect for any teen who loves their latest fashion looks, this dress is available in UK sizes from 6-16.

Another great thing about this dress is that it’s machine washable that leaves more money in any teen’s pocket for topping up on phone credit or catching their favourite bite in Nando’s with their friends. We do advise that you check the label on any fashion garment before wash.

Because this dress comes in many wonderful colours and a straight plain design, it’s a dream to pair with your current wardrobe accessories including boots, shoes and trainers.

So, if you are looking for the latest in Midi dress design and love the choice of different colours, check out this High Neck Short Sleeve Ribbed Midi Dress from Boohoo. It’s a great dress for day or night time fashion for the fun-loving you.


Dress review Teen Ribbed Midi Dress from Boohoo


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