The Best Serums for Clear Skin

The Best Serums for Clear Skin. Serums can seem like a superfluous, if not, costly step in your skincare routine. These shots of concentrated nutrients might add an extra oomph to your complexion but are they really worth it?
The short answer? Yes.

While creams sit on top of your skin to form a protective barrier of hydration, serums are made from active ingredients that contains molecules small enough to penetrate the outer layer of your skin and deliver intense doses of collagen builders, anti-oxidants and other anti-aging properties.

And because many serums are water based, they can also deliver water soluble ingredients such as Vitamin C beyond the skin’s surface for better absorption and provide a brightening effect.

Olay Total Effects Moisturiser and Serum Duo €15.33

This serum and moisturiser from Olay packs enough hydration to last you all day and protects your skin from the sun. it’s oil free so it won’t clog pores and absorbs into your skin quickly.

The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 5% in Squalane €13.50

This lightweight, gentle serum from The Ordinary reduces fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars without irritation your skin.

Clarins Double Serum €72.00

Ok, ok. I know this is really expensive but it’s worth the money. It’s light, non-greasy and absorbs quickly. Your skin will be left feeling supple and hydrated. A little goes a very long way so the bottle will last you ages.

bareMinerals Blemish Remedy Anti-Imperfection Serum €48.00

This serum from bareMinerals contains salicylic acid which helps to combat blemishes, calm skin and smooth texture. You only need 2 or 3 drops so it will last you a long time.

Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum €47.00

This serum from Mario Badescu leaves you skin looking radiant and smooth. It will help shrink the size of pores and improve any pigmentation on your skin.

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