The Best Blush Colour For Your Skin Tone

The Best Blush Colour For Your Skin Tone. Blush gets a bad rep. Some find it hard to apply. Some find the shade range overwhelming. And if you apply too much of it, you’ll look like a clown.

But you needn’t fear blush.

The right shade can warm up your complexion, create the illusion of cheekbones and can even make your look younger.

So whether you have fair, light, medium, dark or deep skin, I’ve chosen the best blush shades for your skin tone.

Fair Skin: Nars Orgasm Blush €32.00

People with fair skin should look for a warm peach shade as it mimics the natural flush of the skin. Nars blush in Orgasm looks good on everyone.

Light Skin: Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick in Las Salinas €40.00

Those of you with light skin can’t really go wrong with a cool-toned pink blush as it will mimic those cooler undertones you see on lighter skin. If you’re looking to brighten and warm up your skin, try an iridescent formula like Charlotte Tilbury’s Las Salinas Beach Stick.

Medium Skin: Smashbox L.A. Lights Blendable Lip & Cheek Color €34.00

As medium skin can have yellow or green undertones that can easily look sallow, especially if you use an orange-hued blush, you want to look for a cool rose-pink tone that’s pigmented and opaque. Some rose blushes can look muddy on medium skin but this lip and cheek colour from Smashbox is the perfect rosy shade to suit your skintone.

Dark Skin: Nars Taos Blush €32.00

Terracotta and deep red-orange shades will add a natural-looking depth and warmth to your dark skin tones. Nars Taos blush is a warm brick-red blush with flecks of gold shimmer and will give your face even more of a glow.

Deep Skin: Nars Exhibit A Blush €32.00

No, I’m not sponsored by Nars. I just really love their blushes. And their Exhibit A blush is perfect for those of you with deep skin tones. The colour may look a little crazy but it actually translates to bright, fresh and natural on deeper skin. Anything that’s too light will look ashy on deep skin tones and anything too dark will appear almost bruised like.

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