Gemma Collins threatens to quit Dancing On Ice after Holly Willoughby comments

Gemma Collins threatens to quit Dancing On Ice after Holly Willoughby comments. Dancing On Ice star Gemma Collins has reportedly threatened to quit the show after comments made by host Holly Willoughby about her behaviour at the weekend.

Speaking on Monday’s episode of This Morning, Holly and Philip Schofield hit out at Gemma for not bringing ‘professionalism’ to Dancing On Ice.

Speaking about Gemma, Holly said: “I love Gemma. I’m a big fan of hers. I love her on the show.

“But I do think there has to be a bit of professionalism that comes into any work you do, just a bit of pride.”

She made the comments after Gemma reportedly feel asleep backstage and delayed the ‘whole studio’.

Philip revealed to viewers that: “The entire studio, that massive studio with everyone involved, were all standing there waiting.”

With Holly interjecting: “Including Jane [Torvill] and Christopher [Dean] who were sat there on the judging panel because it was a full dress rehearsal.”

Love Island winner Kem said: “Then in the live show, in the last quarter, she went home…I was thinking, ‘I wonder where Gemma is?’ I went to her dressing room, she wasn’t there.

“I did speak to her afterwards and she was a bit bored but she does love skating.”

Philip ended the conversation by saying: “In all the years I have worked in television, I have never kept a studio waiting like that.”

Gemma was left in ‘floods of tears’ over the comments and is ready to quit the show over the presenters’ remarks.

An insider told The Sun: “She’s devastated by everything that’s been said about her and is threatening to quit.

“She’s feeling there’s a conspiracy to bring down their biggest star. Gemma’s a nightmare but is getting away with it because producers know she’s the biggest draw.

“On the first show she told an exec she was the star so shouldn’t have to be in group performances or stand on the balcony to watch the others”.

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