Fashion model Bella Hadid gets the hots for Christian Dior

Fashion model Bella Hadid gets the hots for Christian Dior. American super beauty model, Bella Hadid has revealed she had a brand name burnt onto her back after falling asleep in the sun.

The 21-year-old model – who is known for always being on trend in the latest designer get-ups – recently described how she managed to get the letters CD, in reference to Christian Dior, burnt onto her back whilst on holiday.

Speaking to Elle magazine, Bella explained: “I visited my friend on her boat when I was in Monaco recently and had a bowl of the most delicious pasta, but I was so tired that I feel asleep before the fish course turned up! “I had a nap in the sun wearing my ‘Christian Dior’ bikini so now I’ve got CD burnt into my back!

At least I’m on brand …” Bella – who was signed to IMG models in 2014 – previously explained how she “doesn’t care” if people hate her style, and that she no longer pays attention to critics or the fashion police.

She previously said: “I’ve always loved fashion and I don’t care if anyone likes what I wear. I’m finally comfortable with the things that I want to wear. That’s what fashion is all about – if you’re happy with what you’re wearing then nothing else matters.”

The younger sister of fellow model Gigi Hadid, 23, revealed that she now feels more confident when it comes to her style and experimenting more with her clothing choices.

She added: “It’s important to push boundaries and over the years I’ve done that. Perhaps, there have been a few times that I’ve gone overboard, but I like to do whatever makes me feel good and a lot of the time that is pushing the boundaries. “I like to put on random things that sometimes work and sometimes don’t and everyone hates it.”

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