Latest fashion: Print Knot Wrap Dress from Oasis

Latest fashion: Print Knot Dress from Oasis. If you love the design of the wrap dress and are into that great part print floral look then we have a dress for you that is worth checking out.

Our Dress of the day today for today is this Print Knot Front Wrap Dress which is the latest offering from on-line fashion retailer, Oasis.

It’s a cheeky little fashion number with a fusion of dots and floral print combined, that makes it great for daytime or evening wear to relax in.

The material make-up of this dress is 100% polyester so it provides freedom of movement to the body. It’s long-sleeve design is complimented by it’s slight above the knee-line finish but nothing to risqué. To finish, it’s waistline tie lets you adjust the dress for your own natural comfort.

Available in sizes XS to XL ensures that there is a stylish piece of this design for most of you. Its cost-effective fashion as well as it’s machine washable, so no expensive trips to the dry-cleaners for the upkeep of this shift number.

This dress is designed for multi-purpose use. It has that great daytime look when going about your daily chores or wearing to the office, to adding that extra bit of femininity to your nightwear when out hanging out with friends.

It is a dress that offers freedom as well as that great floral pattern look and whether paired with your daytime sneakers for the real casual look, to adding your favourite black shoes for the cool night-time attire, this Print Knot Dress from on-line fashion retailer, Oasis is certainly a dress to consider this fashion season. It’s a delightful dress that that guarantees you a great comfortable look whatever the occasion. For this we give this Print Knot Wrap Dress from Oasis a 4 out of 5 Star rating


Latest fashion: Print Knot Wrap Dress from Oasis

4 Star Rating

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