Fashion review Ruth Rib Swing Dress from Oasis

Fashion review Ruth Rib Swing Dress from Oasis With the changing colours of this fashion season upon us, we are all looking for that extra special dress that will not only make us feel special but look it too!

Long sleeves and extra dress lengths is the fashion of the day and with this in mind we have chosen something new to the fashion market this season from on-line fashion retailer, Oasis.

As our Dress of the day for today this mid-brown, Ruth Rib Swing Dress comes with flared sleeves that really do fit in with the natural colours of autumn.

Its design includes a beautiful ribbed texture material made up of polyamide and viscose. It’s midi swing length finish makes it perfect for pairing with leopard-skin print ankle boots to give it that edgy feel for your day or night-time outfit.

It’s neckline allows for subtle accessioning but do keep this to a minimum as focus the attention on the dress itself.

Being machine washable makes it a cost-effective piece of fashion apparel for this fashion season. If you are a lover of the shift dress that represents great comfort and style, then certainly check out this Ruth Rib Swing Dress from on-line fashion retailer, Oasis this season as it’s a dress that you will have fun with this fashion season.


Fashion review Ruth Rib Swing Dress from Oasis


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